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Name, Troop Number, Council     

Hale Scout Reservation

Box 427

Talihina, OK 74571



Name, Troop Number, Council

Hale Scout Reservation

1 Camp Tom Hale Road

Talihina, OK 74571


Emergency Contact


Hale’s only telephone is located inside the Administrative Building.


Please only call in emergency situations. 


Please be prepared to give the 

individual's name, troop number, and council.


(918) 567-2862

Fax (918) 567-2097

Meinig Pool Complex

Taking a merit badge offered at the HSR pool can provide a great way to break the heat and earn the lifesaving or swimming merit badge or become a BSA Lifeguard. The BSA Lifeguard program covers all four class blocks and some open program time. Campers wishing to earn a swimmers rating may sign up for the Instructional Swimming class. Restrooms, showers, changing room, and pool house are all on site.


Babbitt Chapel

Non-denominational services are held twice a day Monday-Friday. 

1st Shift 7:15am || 2nd Shift 7:45am


Viersen Nature Center

The Nature Center is a state of the art facility and home to 10 Merit Badge classes in the nature ecology field. Learning about the great and complex wilderness can prove to be an interesting and educational experience at HSR. Our Nature Lodge offers merit badges in the fields of: Astronomy, Environmental Science, Fish and Wildlife Management, Forestry, Geology, Mammal Study, Oceanography, Reptile and Amphibian Study, Soil and Water Conservation, and Weather. We also have a planetarium along with wildlife & nature displays.


Stephenson Shooting Sports Center

Hale's shooting sports complex offers an archery range, rifle, and shotgun range. Scouts can work toward the Archery merit badge which covers two time blocks, or complete the Shotgun or Rifle shooting merit badges. The complex also allows for skeet and trap shooting as well.


Bertelsmeyer Soaring to Eagle

Soaring to Eagle is a special program area designed specifically for the new Scout. It focuses on teaching basic Scout skills via the patrol method. Our goal is to assist scouts in completing requirements for: Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks. Soaring to Eagle will take up two merit badge classes and will teach requirements from all four ranks simultaneously. Classes may even complete the Totin’ Chip and the Fireman Chit courses if time allows. If not, these can still be earned during the Scouts’ free time.


Lake Bohannon Chapman Aquatic Center

Experience the Iceberg, Wet Willy and the Blob... The blob is a giant air cushion that allows campers to be bounced off into Lake Bohannon for a refreshing dip. For those who want a serious challenge, we offer the mile swim. Mandatory training takes place Monday through Wednesday and participates swim the mile on Thursday. The Chapman Aquatic Center offers campers a variety of activities to enjoy. The Lakefront offers the following merit badges: Canoeing, Fishing, Rowing, Small Boat Sailing, Motorboating, Fly Fishing and Whitewater. The Aquatic Center also features a fishing dock, rowing shells, a variety of kayaks. 



Scouts who participate in the Whitewater Merit Badge will be able to experience the cold splashing waves of the Mountain Fork River. The river trip offers plenty of foam for the beginner and expert alike. Beginners may take either the Thursday or Friday trips and advanced kayakers may take the Wednesday trip, minimum of 10 participants for Wednesday's session. To qualify for the advanced trip a scout must have completed the Whitewater Merit Badge, pass the kayak course, and be a strong swimmer.


Dining Hall

The dining hall is air conditioned and boasts an all you can eat policy. All meals are served in the dining hall starting with Sunday dinner and ending with Saturday Breakfast. A salad bar is available at every lunch and dinner. The dining hall also has an indoor climbing wall. Accommodations are made for those with religious or dietary needs. The Troop Special Needs roster should be filled out and submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to camp.


AES Winding Stairs Mountain Trail

Who would have thought you could ski in Oklahoma? In summer?! The AES Winding Stairs Mountain Trail Center offers a 19 station ropes course, 50’ Climbing tower, Downhill skiing, and  C.O.P.E. Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience. C.O.P.E. is series of group oriented challenges will teach scouts to work together using teamwork and problem solving skills. 


Dutton Family Tool Craft Center

The Dutton Family Tool Craft Center is the home of many of our tool craft badges such as basketry, leatherwork, electricity, electronics, art, wood carving, photography, cinematography and space exploration.


LaFortune Trading Post

The trading post offers souvenir items, cool gear, and Scout necessities. An attractive line of Hale Scout Reservation souvenirs and other materials are available to take to the folks back home. Sundries include an assortment of miscellaneous items. Snacks such as slush puppies, chips, candy, ice cream, and soda are also available.


Horse Stables

Scouts can earn their horsemanship merit badge. You can learn about horse instincts and behaviors, farrier techniques, proper care, and how to ride. Trail rides are on Friday and you can sign up separate from the badge for the trail ride. Fees are associated with the badge and trail ride.

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